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Think Good Thoughts!

In Loving Memory of Nicky Bosch


Love is Always the Answer. is dedicated to the memory of my wife Nicky Bosch. Nicky died in 2017 after being diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Her battle with this uncurable disease lasted less than 6 months from diagnosis.
Nicky’s beautiful last words to all of her friends and family were simple and bold. Keep Thinking Good Thoughts.

“I was blessed to spend close to 20 years with this beautiful extraordinary woman. Nicky was special, she was truly one of a kind and she made me a better man. I hope to spread her message and help people. Thinking Good Thoughts and sharing with anybody that will listen. ”

Jared Bosch

Thinking Good Thoughts

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Nicky was a special spirit. She was very wild and beeing free just goes without saying. That is part of what love is. A freedom, a certain strength that empowers you, that can lift you up and help break the chains. Cassidy, This is for you, Because you are Beautiful....