It is really easy to get lost in the hectic mess of a day in the life.

Any life.  We all have are ups and downs and things that happen to us. Things that affect us individually and as families. Challenges, some that are within our control and some that are not.

Having the wisdom to know the differences is said to be one of the life’s great challenges in itself.

How is it possible sometimes to just step outside of the stress and make it seem like there are no problems? By Thinking Good Thoughts!

You step into the present and you enjoy the moment and the ability to control what you are thinking about. It is not possible for you to have a bad thought and a good thought at the same time, so why not make it a good one!

This freedom of your thoughts leads into finding ways that you can live in the moment and enjoy your life more, with everything you do, truly loving yourself along the way. Loving yourself means happiness inside. This happiness will naturally bring out the best in all you do and with all you interact with.

Give Thanks!

This one is easy and it’s fun! 

Start your day happy about, well, starting your day! Yeah I know, I am saying be happy that you are alive and be thankful. You have heard it before. Thinking good thoughts and finding a positive spin on everything in your life, can make your day better.

Don’t wait to say thanks to the people in your life that love you. I loved giving Nicky flowers more then anything in the world sometimes because I knew how much she loved the attention.

I think men should give flowers more often. It shouldn’t be just because you have done something wrong. Send the one you love flowers at least a couple times a month. The reason every time can be, just because.


That is the word I am looking for. I think, that Thinking Good Thoughts means that you are praying, doesn’t it? The most successful people in the world have always said that being grateful and praying were reasons they are successful.

When you are done being thankful, think good thoughts about yourself and your day! Think about how you want the day to go and want you are going to get accomplished.

The Gym

Seems nobody wants to hear these words any more. Maybe we have all lost sight of what it is supposed to mean to fit and healthy. The good news is we can keep this simple and to the point as well.

Everybody has a level of fitness and only they get to decide it for themselves. This exactly relates to food and cooking. If you don’t like the way certain foods make you feel or the affect they have, stop eating them.mkj

To say that somebody is less healthy because they don’t go to the gym is wrong. A stay at home Mom may have a workout that far exceeds any gym routine that I have put together.

Going to the gym just means the same thing cooking and eating good means. If you treat your body a little better, if you think there are ways to improve, science will help you out and you will feel better.


Know what you are eating, and enjoy eating it.

Enjoy preparing it and stop and take the time to taste and chew each bite.

Of course this isn’t going to happen all the time for everybody depending on life circumstances. Cooking is a great way for you to take time out here and there and reward your mind and your stomach at the same time for being you.


There is some truth to an apple a day. Be good to your body. You can enjoy life, Nicky always believed in moderation which I thought and still do, is such a good compromise.

You know what works for you, what you should do and what you shouldn’t. It goes along with cooking, make better choices for the foods you eat if it will make you happy and you know it.


This is just another way to engage your mind, thinking good thoughts! You control what you feed into your mind and reading is probably the most powerful method of intake.

The resources available for us to be able to read anything we want pretty much anytime and anywhere, makes this one a no brainer. I am going to resolve more in 2018 to read more.


Keep on expressing yourself. We all do this a little bit here and there. For the most part anyways. On Socail Media there is at least a heartbeat from the most introverted people these days. This isn’t a bad thing either.

Writing doesn’t have to be something that is published though either. It is a very personal thing. It is also very powerful, the same way colouring can be. Writing something is taking it to another exentsion of reality when it goes from your mind to your pen and paper.

This self expression can be part of a healing process, a stress reliever. Some where to let the thoughts be and make better thoughts.


I have been and always will be an advocate of colouring since Nicky passed away. I think if you can find the patience to get into colouring and let your imagination take over, it will make you happy.

There are sciences at work that control the way we think and feel, how we interact with our own brain, how we train our mind. Colouring opens and closes some of these doorways into the brain and is known to be a stress reliever.

Colouring lets you step into another world, like watching a movie, it helps you escape and it helps make you happy inside.


Looking back at the past can be an interesting thing, depending on what your situation is. For me sometimes looking back at the past can be start very pleasant, and turn very painful very quickly.

Thinking Good Thoughts means letting yesterday be there as a reminder of the good, even if it feels like there is some bad, no matter who you are or what the situations are.

You can’t beat yourself up about what has happened, especially if it is or was beyond your control.

Learn the lessons from yesterday and let those mistakes serve for what is more important, experience now to live your life and count on when neeeded.

Live in the Now

Thinking Good Thoughts is the best way to life, in the now, in the present.

This list is nothing new, maybe a few different ways to look at some stuff. At the end of the day there is no right or wrong for any of us. What works for you works for you, what makes you happy makes you happy.

Nicky lived here life a lot like that, and I think that I am learning to explore that voice inside myself a little bit more.

It’s where all the things on this list come together. Nicky was an example of all the above. The did everything the best that she could and she did it because it did make her happy. It’s a journey, and sometimes it’s hard to remember that some stuff just doesn’t get figured out.

Keep doing what works for you. Keep Thinking Good Thoughts, Just Love No BS!