The Happy Advantage Makes you Happier!

Ok, now it's scientific so nobody can argue! This is a presentation from a very smart, very happy guy. I mean I think looks  pretty happy and he really does sound like he is having a great time.

Be Happy
He is Doing what he loves for sure. You can see the smile on his face. What is really important though is the super huge message that is attached here. The happy secret to better work and how the brain and body actually work together.

Nothing New
Honestly these are not really secrets but I think we all need to be reminded of them from time to time. And yes, who I am kidding when I say that if you want to accomplish anything in life then you have to set forth in your goals.
Achieving Those Goals
That again is where everything can kick in and away you go…or you just keep crashing and burning. You enjoy success in life, just as he mentions but it's not always the way you want it to be and it can be so short lived if your dreams aren't being realized along the way.
Step by Step
Life is about steps. Guides, rules, theories…disciplines if you will. Not all happy sounding words but if you think about it, really they are the foundations of finding your way to being happy. Well, applying them I guess is really the way to being happy.
I am Thankful
Towards the end, when he mentions all the reasons, the statistics for increased production and sales, is pretty interesting stuff. I can go on and on, cause I'm obviously hyped about the whole thing, I just want to say, These particular ideas, I am taking to heart.
This site is here to keep the Spirit of my wife Nicky alive. She was a very happy person. She always supported me no matter how stressed out I got along the way thinking I would be happy when I was already successful.
In fact, just being with her made me richer then I would ever know. There is strength in Sharing.
Think Good Thoughts!

Healing Everyday

It has been a long time, at least to me since I have posted anything here.  Of course there are a whole bunch of different reasons. A lot of them will probably be mentioned in this post. I should warn you too, especially if you know me; This post is going to be long. It is also going to be no holds barred, because I am angry and I don’t know where to put that sometimes.  This site is the place, these posts, they are about surviving cancer.

I don’t need anger management and some of the things I say here may offend people. I really don’t wish to do that at all. I just want to be able to live inside my own mind and it make sense to me. Dealing with all of it is really rough at times and I think I have heard every cliche in the book from my friends and my family.

I suppose that is where some of the anger kicks in.  I myself would prefer to think outside of the box, I don’t like labels or cliches, however there is always some truth to life and experiences and most times, these sentiments are there indeed to relate with us and carry us forward.

Cancer is something that just shows up one day and robs you of everything. There is no other way for me to put that. That is how I feel.

Somebody always has it worse and Love is the answer. So damn hard to remember that sometimes. But, again, cliche’s of the truth. They cannot be denied.

One of the things that does drive me is the knowledge that I am indeed still blessed beyond belief. Losing my best friend in the world has definitely given me a new perspective about everything I once thought that I knew. I am blessed because I am still here living, and I have the memories of Nicky’s love. I cannot help but question my existence and where is the meaning behind it all.

You know, about God and what happens when we pass. I don’t want to think of those things any more then anybody else out there does.  Unfortunately, one thinks this stuff when they are no longer a member of the it won’t happen to me crowd.

I envy all the people that are able to live without the little bit of edge. Although, that is where once again you realize that there is always somebody out there who has it worse. I think I have to use these thoughts and reminders to fight the anger and depression that comes over me sometimes.  The best way is for me is remember that we are all battling something every single day of our lives, this being a reason to always try to extend kindness is anyway that you can. That is what actually makes this world turn. Love is the answer right.

My own battle, and again not trying to offend has been even questioning what happens in the end anyways? Are we spirits? Is there a heaven?

I have to watch my words carefully because I will not pretend I believe in something greater then ourselves when we leave. I have made plenty of mistakes and I cannot even begin to tell you the emotions and thoughts that have entered my brain.

I can tell you about guilt, and remorse and ohhhhhh man can I tell you about regret.  I can shake my head and feel pings of pain for the things that I realize now, seem like such wasted efforts.

I can tell you about sadness, of course from all of those same things I just mentioned. And at times it can all be so overwhelming and what seems like an endless cycle, until the love kicks in again.

I believe it is always there, we all just see it differently. We as individuals all have our own moments of enlightenment.

There is nobody for me to be angry with no matter how much I want to scream at somebody.  There are days it sometimes, that it almost escapes me, the fact my wife has passed and not even a year has gone by yet. I live with her love and support everyday.

I have love and support all around me, and as I write this post, I know there may be close friends, school buddies, co workers and family that may read it. In this age of technology I am fortunate as we all are to be able to reach out. That was my wife’s greatest strength. She wanted to live life. If you were here friend then she wanted you to go on the adventure with her. If we met up with you along the way, then she would invite you to join us!

I’m here cause I have been bouncing back and forth between anger and sadness. Purpose and reflection. Even learning how to love myself and allow myself to live my life again too.

Nicky taught me what unconditional love was. I have promised her, myself and made a declaration to my family and friends to carry on her name. This means I have to live. And I have to share. I believe that is what makes me strong. Maybe I lose sight of that from time to time but it still drives me.

Think Good Thoughts!

Thanks for Reading.

Finding Your Power Within

It has been close to a month since I have published a post here.  There are so many different mixed emotions when trying to continue.  Associating the grief I experience as well as all of the joy.

I think as human beings we often forget that we are meant to feel pain and grief.  It is a comfort of sorts to be able to comprehend this. And like everything else in life, easier said then done. Being in mourning, sometimes I even feel selfish in being sad or feeling guilty.

I experience every kind of emotion you can imagine.  Sometimes I just scream at the top of my lungs just to try and exorcise the demons within. Those demons are the feelings of no control and despair.  I feel like if I don’t release all of it, it will poison me.

There are so many different thoughts that enters your head.  I myself have recycled guilt and remorse along with wonder and joy.

Losing a family member to cancer is just so outside of the box for a life experience.

There are very strong people out there. My wife Nicky was one of them.  She inspired me with everything I do and made me a better man.  In my life the hardest things I have ever had to do is just say no.  She made me want to work hard for the important things in life, like our house, and our trips. Nicky did not know how to do a job half assed.  Her determination and her perserverance through everything challenge she had, made me want to give her everything I could.

Starting this website has been an enlightening experience for me and I feel lazy and selfish is some ways…

I just don’t know what I am supposed to write about sometimes. I feel like the grief takes over.  Sometimes I don’t want admit that it has happened. I still shake my head and actually review how it all happened.

No man is an island. I am learning this.  I have to remember that that is why I am here and for whatever reason started all of this.  Nicky was proud of me, and she was proud of us and all of our accomplishments.

Her support for me was undaunted. She never ever waivered.  So now, I must remember all of the important things that have carried me forward from this point.

That there are others that have it worse.  Love is the answer.  Despite my mourning for my wife, I am still growing and her influence in my life is as strong as ever.

I am here to prove something to her, and to myself.  I have always wanted to help people in life.  This is the worst thing to be able to relate to with another human being, but I can.

So let’s get back to living life as best we can. I am going to continue Nicky’s story. Her likes and loves and all the little things she would do to make this a better world.

Think Good Thoughts!

Thanks for reading.

Nicky is at Peace

When I stared this website, I knew at one point it would become a memorial, a true dedication to her. She told me when I started it she understood that. Nicky said if it could help us, or anybody out there, I should do it.

Help with what exactly, I still struggle with. I don’t have a single answer to any of the feelings that I have.  There is a void. I want this void to become my driving factor. My motivation and my dedication to my wife.

I am sad that I am here writing this post about her passing but this whole crazy idea was in order for my wife and her spirit to live on.  I may even sound selfish when I tell you I want to raise a lot of money and give it to a family out there. I would never ever want to relate to another man or woman  in this way, of this feeling but if I must I want to be able to help out.

There is not really a lot to say right now. The stuff that is here matters and Nicky’s Hobby Shop is going to be an Awesome little site to help spread awareness about cancer.

For me, I am grieving, and mourning.  I don’t want this void to always feel like a void because I don’t think that is how to continue.  Love is the answer and it will be what fills in the void.

Nicky Bosch passed away on May 27, 2017.  She died holding my hands and she was at peace with leaving this earth. Her last words in the final days or her life were simple.

Just Love. No Bullshit.

Think good thoughts.

I love you more.

RIP Nicky Bosch. 

I, Thank you for reading.

Enjoy the time together

There are a lot of things said here, that are said for the reasons of comfort, and reminder.  They are things said not just here but all over the world every day as people cope.  When I write on this site I sometimes forget it was a coping mechanism at the time.  I hadn’t given any thought to what was coming in life.  I know I was blind to the news to begin with. As I have said, I created the website in what seemed a moment when I bonded with Nicky over her colouring talents. Things are not really getting better, so I really understand why you have to enjoy the time.

No easy way to say the timer is showing. Nicky was able to come home and be here comfortably. I have lost track of the last couple weeks because her care and comfort have been the only that is important. I comment people all over the world for their struggles. Just getting up out of bed some days is a step, no matter how mimimal it may seem.

The reality of what this disease is doing kick in, whether you want them to or not. There is a change of appearance and knowing your loved one is suffering snaps you back to earth.  I feel selfish sometimes for wanting her to be here at home, but that just is not what this is all about. She has to be comfortable. Nicky deserves that, as we all do.

My wife has accepted her fate. I have not. I don’t want to be alone at the home I bought for her. Our cats feel like kids to me. Everything is rather surreal to be completely honest.

I feel this, I feel the want to continue a legacy for Nicky. My wife has been the most positive influence in my life. My wife Nicky was in my life to show me how to love unconditionally and what that means.

How to look at the world differently. How to look at all the terrible stuff and just let it sit there. Can’t change it. Can’t let it make you different. If you do, you miss out on the only things that are really important. Living. Enjoy the time. You don’t know when your life my change. You don’t know if your path is to become a person who can no longer say, doesn’t happen to me.

Accepting that my wife is battling a disease is really difficult, knowing that battle is about pain and comfort. It is overwhelming and sad to think she might not be coming home again. I cannot hide from the fact and hauntingly so, my wife has encouraged to keep living, that’s what she wants.

I have mentioned love, and I will continue to spread that message, for Nicky, as she said, no BS.

This site makes me step into her world. There is positive in my emotion despite it’s pain. If you can relate, I hope you find something here that makes you smile. That was always Nicky’s goal.

Thanks for Reading.

Home again from the hospital

Let’s remember, and I am trying to keep this in mind for myself, these posts are supposed to be positive and about our story.  We want to relate with other survivors. I use the word survivors because each day does have its struggles.  Coming home from the hospital is a victory!

We found out that some of the meds that were actually helping fight the disease were also making Nicky sick.  This is something I am sure a lot of people who are fighting medical conditions can relate with.  Sometimes we are guinea pigs for science and medicine and we really do have to shoot for the best. We are so grateful to the nutritionist and the pharmacist who helped Nicky out to make some of this feel better.

You live differently when your spouse is in the hospital.  Anything more then a couple of days can change all of your routines.  You don’t want to think about staying long but you can’t leave until you feel better either.  We are happy that we have made progress. We know the cancer has been sedated. We know what medicines work doing what and the best combinations. It has been a struggle but it has all worked out for the best.

Now that Nicky is back home the cats are happy to see!  Her and I have some quick plans and we will see how that goes. Take everything one step at a time. I think as you learn to live with the situation you find yourself continually thinking of how to relax. The answer is more love.

Being home from the hospital means life returns to normal and the house is full of love again.  It was lost a little, not Nicky’s attitude, but mine.  Her not being home for so long reminded me of how just being around her, calms me down. Being around her makes me want to protect her. I am always watching her, make sure she is safe. Might sound silly but I think chivalry is not dead, it is lost. The little things, opening the door, guiding along a path, watching nobody bumps her.  The state of mind where again, all your thinking about is her smile and her energy. Being away from her made me forget about the attitude of love. I missed her a lot and visiting everyday at the hospital reminded me of how much support she has always given me. I feel terrible for letting her down in that way. As usual, she set the example.

Love is an attitude and it is stronger now in our house. It will always be in our house.  It is how we have survived. Love will continue to be what takes us through each day.  Our Love will always be in our hearts. Good friends, Loving Family and going with the flow.  Now it is time to get back to the fun stuff. Like colouring and shopping, right?

Thanks for Reading. Hope You found something positive to relate with.

The Answer is Always Love

It is still just one word that means so many different things to different people. Talking about it scares some people away for whatever reason.  I believe that anybody with an open mind is willing to look at any discussion for perspective.  Because love means so many different things, it can effect people in different ways too. That is why love is always the answer.

Stop and think about what love is all about.  I don’t mean fish love either.  You can love your phone, your car, your clothes.  You can love eating fish too. That is to say you are going to fry it up and eat it, you love it so much.  Love is not just about the way a material item makes you feel or preferences for your favourite foods.  Love is giving.

Love is, you could say…


That is just a few, in no particular order.  The good and the bad.  Love, the good and the bad is a trade off.

My wife has reminded me again that life is all about love.  Your time and your energy and what you give.  Even how you live life out from day to day. It might be thought the you can’t live life being happy all the time. I myself have wondered how you find the good and the bad in everything, I talk about it every post.

The answer is inside itself.  Within love itself, when you live by it, when you give and show your loved one respect, kindness and consideration.  Those might be in some order because they are the basics. The fundementals that lead to forming a healthy relationship. All of things things will lead you into experiencing what love has to offer…including the sad.  That is the sacrifice and sometimes it can hurt, a lot.

I can tell you Nicky has never shown me anything but unconditional love, accepting me for who I am, faults and all.  My wife is pretty tough but you have to really upset her to see that side.  She gives of herself to the world. Her time is valuable and she lives an example of enjoying life, extending kindness.

Extending kindness to the world at all times is something I find difficult.  Some would call it impatience. Whatever it is sometimes I forget that everybody is struggling with something.  It is the very balance of good and bad I struggle with.  It is my wife Nicky who has always made it clear to me. How she has handled this disease and still continues to give is beyond me.

Thanks Hun, for being the rock and showing more love again. I guess some of this is an awakening for me. The way to explain how I feel is maybe this.

I met Nicky on a blind date. We talked on the phone a little bit before agreeing to meet up. True story. The moment I looked at her I knew I would spend the rest of my life with her.

Yes she was beautiful, I could feel her presence and her spirit.  She was alive and she was herself.

If you were to turn to me and say, but what if this were to happen…

It wouldn’t have mattered. That feeling would overrule you.  It is worth the trade off to imagine great things rather then anticipate challenges. That feeling I have being with Nicky overrules everything.

I call that feeling love. When you know that the person you are with gives you that feeling that ummm, no matter what is going to happen while I am here on earth, I want it to happen with you. You don’t worry about getting hit by a bus or dying in a plane crash.  You live everyday ready to have an adventure! If there is bad news, you deal with the bad news together, with love. It can bring us together and divide us sometimes but that is how you experience it, all of it.

Love is always the answer. It represents how we treat each other every day. In one form or another giving love is how we survive.

These hospitals days have been a little rough. We have both learned some things though, I have been reminded of my patience.  And how it is all about being with Nicky, which is all about the love.

Thanks for Reading.

How a Person Beats cancer

We all know it is possible as there are survivors of the disease that are proof you can overcome.  The battle is a long fought one.  It will wear on the person and their loved ones in ways that are incomprehendible until you actually experience them.

So what is the good fight?  How do you face each day hoping for the pain to let up.  How do you watch your loved ones quality of life deteriorate in front of you and still be strong and supportive?

You remember that your battle is half of what theirs is actually living with it inside their body waging war.  You remember as I have repeatedly time and time again, somebody has it worse no matter how overwhelming that can be in accepting your own emotions.

You do this because the world is not going to stop spinning. The disease is not going to just stop one day because you or your loved one did not deserve it to happen to you.  You understand quickly that nothing matters to the disease.

How old you are, male or female, good person or bad. Doesn’t matter.  Fair or not. Period.  Dealing with the fact that this particular disease has no known cure yet.  Despite what you may read on social networks or even your daily news.

You beat cancer by doing exactly what my beautiful wife is doing.  You live each day with the pain and whenever the chance arises to live life a little more, you take it!   You look for the moments for smiles and you push all the feeling s of being robbed in life aside.

You take the medicines from the doctors.

Find ways to appreciate your friends and family who try to support you, not really ever knowing what to say.

Otherwise, you go down in defeat.  No matter how mean or cold I am for saying that.  Nicky could choose to give up. Let self pity take over and not fight at all. And when I sound cold, I am selfish in the fact that I am not the one dealing with the pain, emotionally or physically of the disease inside me.

I do know that I love my wife for the fact that she has always been a fighter.  Never afraid to speak her mind and stand up for her own family and friends when it is the right cause.

I feel the need to share this with the world, even to relate to one person.  To show my wife that I love her and will be with her every step of this battle.  That is what I signed up for the day I said I love you and want to be with you together.

We have always taken care of each other, not about money and the real world but as best friends,  soul mates ready to take on the world together one way or the other.

She is the hero, the inspiration because she leads the fight for us every day. I am in awe and will be my whole life of the strength and beauty she has within.

That is how you beat cancer, I think. Thanks for reading.

Nacho & Chip call Nicky Mom

Here is just a little bit more about our family.  Taking care of them is really the easy part because they do provide support in their own ways.  My mother was a dog groomer so I have always been around animals and Nicky had her own childhood pets growing up too.

When we got together having pets was our idea of having kids.  Still is really.  We decided early on that we did not want to have children.  Some people including family disagreed.  Didn’t matter to us, we decided for certain reasons that we were happy with our family, us and the furry ones.  In some ways we look at that decision as a blessing.

Nicky is definitely a special kind of mom to her cats.  I have seen our cats, a couple that we got very young, take special bonds with her.  It is like they can feel her compassionate, her love for them. They bond with her and seek her attention in ways I have not seen before. I know all cat owners would say the same. I am glad that Nicky feels their love. Maybe they are trying to return her comforts and let her know she is indeed special.

Nicky does show even our cat’s kindness and considerate.  They even have that Facebook page I have mentioned.  The cats are here because they are part of our family and a huge part of Nicky’s life.  She takes care of them so well. It is no wonder they love her.

You can visit the facebook page Nacho & Chip by clicking here.

This post is just another little mention of our lives.  Some of the more simple things that keep us going.  That keep all of us going.  Posivitive energy, positive thoughts to get through the tough times. Our pets can do that for us.  We love our guys. Nacho, Chip and Mooch.

Thanks to all our furry friends out there for showing us the best example of how to give unconditional love no matter.  That support is precious.

Thanks for Reading.

Nicky’s cancer medicine

This is probably my most prized colouring of Nicky’s. The Dragon was a sketch that she had picked up and started. It was not finished because she was tired. Nicky had stopped colouring for a while to rest.

I didn’t know that exactly when I saw this Dragon. I just made comment on how cool it was, I told her I couldn’t wait for it to be coloured in.

This was the end result and Nicky gave it to me that night. I love looking at it, and yes it was just one more gesture to remind me of how much my wife loved me. Thanks for the Dragon babe.

There is not a lot of positive things to say sometimes when you talk about cancer.  It is a disease and it does terrible things.  There isn’t really a way to describe it, nor do I want to try.  It is hard to witness as a loved one.

When it comes to medicines, that is another interesting question.  There are so many things you can read about.  So many different stories and so many different offerings of advice.  At times it can be overwhelming and frustrating.  There is no way anyone can truly be an authority on a cure for cancer.  Deciding the path people take for their own situation, can be very daunting.

With us, being here is most definitely an outlet for me.  I can talk about some of the really hard things there is to talk about.  This is just one more perspective of how to deal with cancer in your family.  In my mind, as the loved one, you have what the doctors give your for treatment and for pain.  Then you have the only other part that really matters, which to me is making sure my wife Nicky is comfortable.

Believe it or not that is another reason I made this site. As tacky as it may seem, I told Nicky in the beginning that her colouring was really beautiful and this is a great way to show it off.

As I get older and I learn how to live life more each day, as much as I can with her, I cherish the things that make her smile. I find the ways to find as much good as I can in all the situations. We still want to cruise the world and get a deck built at home.  These are some of the things we are working towards.

This post and this part of our story is about cancer medicine.  One of Nicky’s medicines is colouring. It is very popular, especially with Nicky’s generation.  Nicky would tell you I am way too stressed to actually slow down and enjoy it.  She is kind of right, something I should do. I can colour with her.

Colouring takes a lot of skill, and patience…attention to detail.  Being able to see a vision within the lines and bringing it to life is indeed something to marvel at.  Nicky finds her solace her and I get to see and enjoy another expression of her passion.  I get another look into a personality that just makes me fall in love all the more.

The message is once again, to keep living.  There are a lot of cancer medicines, for both the body and the mind.  For Nicky, colouring is one.

Thanks for reading, sometimes the fight is difficult, but the battles goes on.