This is what Chat CGT answered when I asked, what is a relationship.

A relationship is a connection or association between two or more people. It can refer to various types of connections, such as romantic, familial, or professional. Relationships are built on mutual trust, respect, and communication, and they can vary in intensity and duration. Successful relationships require effort and commitment from all parties involved, and they can bring a sense of companionship, support, and fulfillment to people’s lives.

In the shortest possible answer I have, a relationship is consenting adults, always present and always willing to share each other’s phones. In this modern world, technology is both good, and bad. Ultimately though the fact is that is how we communicate. 

I suppose it is not completely fool proof, but I would be willing to be if your partner doesn’t want you to look at their device, they might be hiding something.

Only you know the context and the dynamic of your situation.

Thanks for Reading. Thinking Good Thoughts.