It was the whole reason for starting the website. At this the crazy notion inside my head about it. It can be a hobby for some people if you think about it as such. I think for Nicky it was much more then a hobby. Nicky Loved to Colour. Her imagination was set free and she could escape the realities of the world.

Self Expression

​I found myself excited this morning even just for an hour. I understand how hard it is to expose your self and your raw talents. Your thoughts and creativity. To be different especially the way colouring brings out your personality. The colours you use and the combinations of them. Nicky’s choices of colouring books were always extraordinary and it still amazes me to this day to see the amount of attention and details that go into some finished works.


​Colouring was medication for the soul for Nicky. She invited her closest friends and they banded together to support each other and let the pencil crayons and the crazy designs take them away. Nicky’s Sister, (They were that close) would always pull up with the Timmie’s for the group, or just the 3 of us. Saying Hi Friend, when she would drop of my cup to me in my den. Nicky would always have treats for the girls and everybody would just have fun.

My Medicine

​To say I don’t regret sitting down with Nicky and colouring with her, would be a lie. There is a peace and a tranquility that sets in when you are colouring. It soothes the soul and awakens it at the same time. My wife and I were definitely the right couple for an awkward silence. There was no such thing to us. As on road trips sometimes we would both just sit and watch the scenery. Taking the time to just sit and colour has helped me to reconnect to wife in some ways. I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel her presence.

When I sit and colour, I feel my own imagination wake up. I feel charged, I smile and I want to see what it is I am thinking appear on the paper in front of me. And so far my selections for colouring have been quite simple. I kept my most favourite books from Nicky’s collection.

I don’t think Nicky ever had a plan for when she would colour, but she did. Some of her last works work dedicated favourites from fan requests, including my own.

Nicky Loved Colouring

​And so do I! It takes me back to school when I wanted to learn and I wanted to express myself. It makes me feel vibrant and alive. It does seem to reach into my soul and take some of the worry and stress away.

My wife had an incredible imagination. She knew no bounds when it came to self expression. She was proud to not only share her efforts, but she encouraged all of her friends to be proud and share their work too.

Colour Your World

​I won’t ever be able to sit with her and colour again, that doesn’t mean my world should be black and white. I envy my wife for taking the time, even before she got sick, to try and treat herself. Nicky worked hard and tried to play hard. She would colour because it did all the things science says it will do for us.

If you are stressed, or looking for a way to slow the whole world down just a little. I recommend a colouring book. Something that makes you smile inside, whatever it might be. Just picture the colours you want and fill in the blanks! I don’t know your artist abilities so work with what you got!

​Think Good Thoughts!