• Introduction to the core concept of self-discipline

To me, self discipline is actually simple. But I am talking tough. It is easy to write about it, easy to even talk about it. Taking action is obviously the trick. To me, you really do have to want it badly enough. And what it takes for life to hit you and make you respond, is different for each one of us.

  • Exploring the mindset of ‘one day or day one’

I saw a meme, and I met a woman…and in the first 72 hours I was forced all at once to accept the death of my wife, my traumas, my own self confidence, my own directions. I was forced to look in the mirror and accept where I was in life. And where I wanted to be.

  • The decisive role of self-discipline in actualizing a ‘day one’ mentality

I believe, at the core of my own self discipline, is staying in the present. I have used weed as the crutch and it serves as both a med, and a distraction. It all depends on what your mindset is when you get high, or should I say what your reason for getting high is in the first place.

For me, if I use enough for anxiety, I can still function. If I abuse it, I smoke more and my hunt for the dopamine leads to distractions.

I see the meme, I meet a woman in real life the way I have been manifesting and suddenly everything I want is in front of me if I can control myself and look to the future.

For some reason, attempting sobriety lead to waking up at 5 am and having my first ice cold shower. That was what I called Day one. That was 3 weeks ago. For whatever reason, Tiktok is where I have started sharing it first.

Understanding Discipline: It’s More Than Just Rules

  • Why discipline is self-imposed and not externally enforced

This is as simple as it gets for me. I quit smoking because I wanted to. I had plenty of reasons to want to, save money, the usual things. More then anything though, I didn’t enjoy it. It was starting to make me sick. I wanted to quit.

Only you know what changes you want to make, only you can be the one to make those changes. You probably already know this to.

  • Highlighting the link between discipline and freedom

I can think of many cliches and they are usually true for the most part. I suppose it’s either rational fear, or laziness. Everything you want is on the other side of fear. And discipline is the tool you use to get there. Meaning, you are willing to do things today, that most people aren’t. So you will have things tomorrow, that most people will not.

In most cases, that means freedom, especially of your time. That requires money, which requires motivation, purpose, and execution of goals. Results, from discipline.

Honing Discipline: Practical Steps to Cultivating Self-Discipline

  • Outlining the ‘small steps’ approach to building discipline

All the usual things that are usually taught. Think about it, write it down, say it, envision it, manifest it. Take action.

  • Introducing mindfulness as a tool for fostering self-discipline

For me, knowing consistency is the real goal, taking little steps forward and reminding myself that its worth it every day, at the end of the day is the real key. It has helped me over come the excuses I have made along the way.

  • The role of motivation and habit in reinforcing discipline

Make that decision, one day, or day one. And if you trip, own it and keep going. Even the smallest step forward counts.

  • Practical exercises for enhancing self-discipline

Research this a little bit. The brain actually thinks stopping your from doing your thing is a good thing. Your brain thinks if it stops you from doing anything, it saves your the disappointment if you fail. Research this and understand to help you push through to create your own goals and execution.

Living With Discipline: Realizing Personal Change Through Self-Discipline

  • How discipline acts as a catalyst in achieving life goals

I will be more active here, this post is the start again. I want to communicate with people. I want to share stories about what I learned about unconditional love from my wife Nicky.

  • Long-term effects of being disciplined: mental health, physical health, and productivity benefits

I am 3 weeks into changing my life, living in the present, and thinking good thoughts for my future. Manifesting my goals and starting, with my own mind and body.

I admit, I want to help people, be an influencer in this new world we live in.

Thanks for reading.