Remembering it is Sunday is my day with Nicky always makes me smile. I have been refusing to think anything but good thoughts.  I am reading, I am going to the gym and I am making changes to my diet, and my thinking. On Sunday realize there is stress relief in meditation and colouring.

There are many different reasons that colouring is actually good for you. There are subtle things happening that you might not even be aware of. Even the fact that you might choose to colour something these days considered “adult” should not over look the healing power that is involved.

It is time that we stop worrying about human expression and concentrate of the communication of thoughts of living life and loving it at the same time.

According to this article, colouring even something consider negative to some is still a positive expression of release…in the most positive environments even possible. The comforts of one’s imagination.

That is what colouring will continue to flourish, and when our imaginations grow and expand like that the greatest ideas and feelings of love are born.

There is more then just a bunch of words here to make you think you should just start colouring, no more then I can convince you to hit the gym.

I can tell you that this might be something you consider doing, just because of how simple it really is. And if you believe in your mind that it can help you, then it will. If you believe you can sit down and start colouring, science just starts to take over whether you like it or not. Whether you know it or not.

When Nicky coloured, here imagination was set free and so was stress. She knew that it was healthy and there was a meditative aspect to it as well. All of that though, was a bonus to here.

The more she coloured the more she developed her skills and took here imaginations and her visions and she filled in the blanks on all the pieces of paper you see.

When I colour, I feel her presence and I understand how the sciences take over. My mind pictures what I am doing and I start to feel, fears and hesitations fade. I explore the colours and I try to fight the impatience. I keep Thinking Good Thoughts.

Nicky was part of a FaceBook group called Color what U Want. I have to take a second to point out that I spell colour, the Canadian way. The name of the group is US. You can join here.

This group, is about colouring what you want. It is simple and to the point. You colour what you want and you post it. You encourage other people to explore thier own imagination and their own individuality.

Colouring is one of the best ways you can indulge in loving yourself and letting your soul breathe. I myself am still learning how to slow down and love myself. The very best decision I have made so far, is taking the time each week to spend with Nicky.