Up until now, I think there has been a hint of sadness written with the posts for Justlovenobs.com

Moving forward we want to emphasize the words to heart, Thinking Good Thoughts for 2018. And beyond.

There is absolutely no doubt that losing my spouse was forever life changing. I am a widower and it is not something that I thought I would be able to relate to somebody with.

Losing any loved one is challenging and heart breaking. The stress and the anxieties that come along when facing the battle of a disease or an accident that wasn’t your fault. A diagnosis that doesn’t seem fair, or plain and simple just doesn’t make any sense.Nicky and Jared

Overcoming these obstacles can be overwhelming at times to say the least. There seems to be a lot of disappointment out there in the world. You feel like your fighting the good fight when the rest of the world seems hell-bent on destruction.

Sometimes it even feels like your own friends and family are against you.

The unfortunate thing is there is always going to be all of that distraction. There is always going to be some corruption out there, some bad that contributes to the chaos that we all call life.

We don’t change it by thinking about it or worrying about it, we change ourselves by Thinking Good Thoughts.


It’s not crazy and it’s not impossible so that’s what we are going to do! Love is the answer, and giving and always thinking good thoughts is how you create your love for the world.

I had no idea how pure Nicky’s words were, nor how powerful.

The time to be sad is over. The time to be thinking good thoughts, is now. This is how you will change, your world, from within. Changing the outer world for you, from within yourself.

Let’s think about it the ways Nicky did. I think it will be fun. For you close friends, you can keep me honest here and make sure you chime in on how we would roll with this stuff.


This means so many things doesn’t it? Good Fortune and wealth? Mix in a little bit of your own good health and happiness.

Then you have the money part about it right. The reality of paying the bills.

Nicky and I were grateful for all the things we had together. We worked hard at our jobs and we accepted the good and bad of our decisions. They were not trade-offs to us. They were agreements that made us happy. This made us prosperous.

Nicky would say, I come by money with ease and I always pay my bills. No, we didn’t save our money like we are always supposed to, but we didn’t look for any handouts either.

For 2018, be proud of the choices you make and live your life by those choices. Do your best at work, whether you are there for the rest of your life or its just a stepping stone for something greater, do it better than anybody else there right now.

Be Prosperous.

Your Health

Listen to your body, and take care of yourself.

There really is not another way of putting it. There is nothing easy about it. There is definitely nothing fair about it sometimes, but you have to take care of your body, your mind, and your soul.

I am still learning, and again I will go with the wise words of Nicky about taking caring of one’s self.

If I need to sleep, I sleep, If I know something is not good for me, than I don’t want to try it. I also know the difference between what I like, and what I don’t like. And that, is up to me!

Having Cancer didn’t change anything about how Nicky lived her life and took care of herself, even in light of being diagnosed. She listened to her body at all times, she listened to the doctors and she did her best to cover all the bases.

There are things you can do, to start changes for your health. Maybe this article strikes something in you that helps you change just one thing. Start somewhere. An apple a day. A walk. I have been going to the gym myself. One change can lead to another.

Nicky had been changing her life for a few years before her cancer. She had been following a doctor mandated diet and lifestyle regiment for herself. It was difficult but she believed in her goals and made them come true.

Be Healthy, and Be Prosperous.

Love is the AnswerLove Our Home

When you are grateful for all you have, and you listen to your inner self, you live your life by decision and acceptance. Then you are living your life with love.

I am not trying to be an authority on it, I am still trying to understand it the best that I can too. This is my own way of understanding it, and the wisdom, the power within the word. If this is what Nicky understood or meant, when I feel this myself when I really think good thoughts.

Some term it as living in the now. I don’t know if Nicky would even realize this is what it is all about. Thinking good thoughts, only good thoughts, when ever and where ever you are.

These thoughts ultimately culminate in the creation of love. They are good thoughts. They are manifested and believed upon, they are no more than the goals we all accomplish, every day.

Live your life with these goals. Just as you do your best at work and your best to take care of yourself, share your goals with the world around you. Inspire people and set an example. Do it because you want to fulfill that feeling inside that guides you pay it forward in life. Do it because it will help people. And those people will help other people.

Be True

If you are being true to yourself, and keeping it real, than the rest really does fall into place for you. It has too. It is that unexplainable part of life. Things don’t just happen, Things Happen Just. That is all we have to remember. Things are going to happen one way or the other. Might as well listen to your inner self a little, make the decisions that make the most sense to you and your family and go for it!

Thinking Good Thoughts for 2018.

Those were Nicky’s wishes and they are so simple, and can do such much good.

What are your good thoughts for the coming year? Share them with us!