It is still just one word that means so many different things to different people. Talking about it scares some people away for whatever reason.  I believe that anybody with an open mind is willing to look at any discussion for perspective.  Because love means so many different things, it can effect people in different ways too. That is why love is always the answer.

Stop and think about what love is all about.  I don’t mean fish love either.  You can love your phone, your car, your clothes.  You can love eating fish too. That is to say you are going to fry it up and eat it, you love it so much.  Love is not just about the way a material item makes you feel or preferences for your favourite foods.  Love is giving.

Love is, you could say…


That is just a few, in no particular order.  The good and the bad.  Love, the good and the bad is a trade off.

My wife has reminded me again that life is all about love.  Your time and your energy and what you give.  Even how you live life out from day to day. It might be thought the you can’t live life being happy all the time. I myself have wondered how you find the good and the bad in everything, I talk about it every post.

The answer is inside itself.  Within love itself, when you live by it, when you give and show your loved one respect, kindness and consideration.  Those might be in some order because they are the basics. The fundementals that lead to forming a healthy relationship. All of things things will lead you into experiencing what love has to offer…including the sad.  That is the sacrifice and sometimes it can hurt, a lot.

I can tell you Nicky has never shown me anything but unconditional love, accepting me for who I am, faults and all.  My wife is pretty tough but you have to really upset her to see that side.  She gives of herself to the world. Her time is valuable and she lives an example of enjoying life, extending kindness.

Extending kindness to the world at all times is something I find difficult.  Some would call it impatience. Whatever it is sometimes I forget that everybody is struggling with something.  It is the very balance of good and bad I struggle with.  It is my wife Nicky who has always made it clear to me. How she has handled this disease and still continues to give is beyond me.

Thanks Hun, for being the rock and showing more love again. I guess some of this is an awakening for me. The way to explain how I feel is maybe this.

I met Nicky on a blind date. We talked on the phone a little bit before agreeing to meet up. True story. The moment I looked at her I knew I would spend the rest of my life with her.

Yes she was beautiful, I could feel her presence and her spirit.  She was alive and she was herself.

If you were to turn to me and say, but what if this were to happen…

It wouldn’t have mattered. That feeling would overrule you.  It is worth the trade off to imagine great things rather then anticipate challenges. That feeling I have being with Nicky overrules everything.

I call that feeling love. When you know that the person you are with gives you that feeling that ummm, no matter what is going to happen while I am here on earth, I want it to happen with you. You don’t worry about getting hit by a bus or dying in a plane crash.  You live everyday ready to have an adventure! If there is bad news, you deal with the bad news together, with love. It can bring us together and divide us sometimes but that is how you experience it, all of it.

Love is always the answer. It represents how we treat each other every day. In one form or another giving love is how we survive.

These hospitals days have been a little rough. We have both learned some things though, I have been reminded of my patience.  And how it is all about being with Nicky, which is all about the love.

Thanks for Reading.

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