Ok, now it's scientific so nobody can argue! This is a presentation from a very smart, very happy guy. I mean I think looks  pretty happy and he really does sound like he is having a great time.

Be Happy
He is Doing what he loves for sure. You can see the smile on his face. What is really important though is the super huge message that is attached here. The happy secret to better work and how the brain and body actually work together.

Nothing New
Honestly these are not really secrets but I think we all need to be reminded of them from time to time. And yes, who I am kidding when I say that if you want to accomplish anything in life then you have to set forth in your goals.
Achieving Those Goals
That again is where everything can kick in and away you go…or you just keep crashing and burning. You enjoy success in life, just as he mentions but it's not always the way you want it to be and it can be so short lived if your dreams aren't being realized along the way.
Step by Step
Life is about steps. Guides, rules, theories…disciplines if you will. Not all happy sounding words but if you think about it, really they are the foundations of finding your way to being happy. Well, applying them I guess is really the way to being happy.
I am Thankful
Towards the end, when he mentions all the reasons, the statistics for increased production and sales, is pretty interesting stuff. I can go on and on, cause I'm obviously hyped about the whole thing, I just want to say, These particular ideas, I am taking to heart.
This site is here to keep the Spirit of my wife Nicky alive. She was a very happy person. She always supported me no matter how stressed out I got along the way thinking I would be happy when I was already successful.
In fact, just being with her made me richer then I would ever know. There is strength in Sharing.
Think Good Thoughts!

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