Let’s remember, and I am trying to keep this in mind for myself, these posts are supposed to be positive and about our story.  We want to relate with other survivors. I use the word survivors because each day does have its struggles.  Coming home from the hospital is a victory!

We found out that some of the meds that were actually helping fight the disease were also making Nicky sick.  This is something I am sure a lot of people who are fighting medical conditions can relate with.  Sometimes we are guinea pigs for science and medicine and we really do have to shoot for the best. We are so grateful to the nutritionist and the pharmacist who helped Nicky out to make some of this feel better.

You live differently when your spouse is in the hospital.  Anything more then a couple of days can change all of your routines.  You don’t want to think about staying long but you can’t leave until you feel better either.  We are happy that we have made progress. We know the cancer has been sedated. We know what medicines work doing what and the best combinations. It has been a struggle but it has all worked out for the best.

Now that Nicky is back home the cats are happy to see!  Her and I have some quick plans and we will see how that goes. Take everything one step at a time. I think as you learn to live with the situation you find yourself continually thinking of how to relax. The answer is more love.

Being home from the hospital means life returns to normal and the house is full of love again.  It was lost a little, not Nicky’s attitude, but mine.  Her not being home for so long reminded me of how just being around her, calms me down. Being around her makes me want to protect her. I am always watching her, make sure she is safe. Might sound silly but I think chivalry is not dead, it is lost. The little things, opening the door, guiding along a path, watching nobody bumps her.  The state of mind where again, all your thinking about is her smile and her energy. Being away from her made me forget about the attitude of love. I missed her a lot and visiting everyday at the hospital reminded me of how much support she has always given me. I feel terrible for letting her down in that way. As usual, she set the example.

Love is an attitude and it is stronger now in our house. It will always be in our house.  It is how we have survived. Love will continue to be what takes us through each day.  Our Love will always be in our hearts. Good friends, Loving Family and going with the flow.  Now it is time to get back to the fun stuff. Like colouring and shopping, right?

Thanks for Reading. Hope You found something positive to relate with.

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