What a year 2020 was. That is probably an understatement to most people. My own brain is stuck…I know 2021 has started but I feel so overwhelmed by everything that has happened, I think I am just trying to catch up. I have always had a rebellious nature, to question authority and everything I have been told, especially where one’s personal definition of faith kicks in. Trouble is, this often leads one down rabbit holes, learning about conspiracy theories…all the stuff that leads one to be distracted in life.

Covid 19

Who’s kidding who. This is why I am sitting here in front of my screen typing right now. The world is in Chaos and it seems half the world believes in this virus, and the other half doesn’t believe the whole truth is being spoken. I would say most people that agree with me, would say that this man made, patented virus has been released as a tool to create fear.

It is out there and there is no denying that can unfortunately it can kill you if your are elderly, or at risk with other serious health ailments.


Wearing a Mask

I don’t wear one. I don’t think anybody should have to. The debate and the arguments seem to be an endless loop of frustration trying to make sense of all of the contradictions.

The simple fact that everything about this raises questions. There is no common sense behind the rules and the reasons, the science is not conclusive.

The Great Reset

The New World Order. The United Nations Agenda 21, Agenda 30. The Great Reset. The greatest conspiracy of all the conspiracy theories right now.

Well, there are other rabbit holes that are related to all of this but who’s kidding who. There are many who believe everything that is happening right now is to fascilitate the Great Reset. Covid 19 is a tool to instill fear through endless propaganda from the main stream media backing our corrupted governments.

Elections or Selections?

All the different theories…

Here is what sticks out in my mind…

In 2010 or so…there were many videos on Youtube, you know before they started censoring and deleting the truth. These videos were about conspiracy theories…only the thing is, many of these theories are now being proved true, despite the efforts of big tech to wipe the information clean.

Some of those videos told the story of the Federal Reserve Bank.  A business created by Bankers and the World Elite, including the Bush Family. A family that has seen its Father and Son be President.

That to me is pretty amazing…first a family that is part of founding a business that charges the United States to print it’s own money and charge interest too.

The history is fascinating, and it certainly makes one question the history we have been taught. The truth appears to be different.


Fact is the whole world seems to take it’s lead from the United States of America. Growing up here in Canada I can say that that is how it’s always been. There are jokes that Canada is The United States little brother. Or better yet, the joke that one day maybe the United States would invade Canada…that was always funny because we are supposed to be such great neighbours…allies. I don’t know if that bond still exists though. Especially not since we had the Globalist Trudeau take over.

All of these great conspiracy theories go hand in hand. They are all related… and along with the idea that Covid 19 and the Great Reset is happening now, goes the notion that the Presidency of the United States is a position, filled by the elites and the Globalists of the world.

All of this continues to go beyond the our societies comprehension of normal. And for that reason, I believe many instantly dismiss these notions. Common sense and coincidence could change an open mind though.

Religion and Gravity

Personally I have questioned my existence on this earth from the very age of around 5-8…the age when naturally, your human nature kicks in and as a child you start to question everything. And I did. And I still do.

I have questioned Religion, probably because I had to go to a Catholic school for all of my education. A lot of things didn’t make sense…I didn’t and still don’t understand how Religion can limit  a person. I don’t think we are here on earth to have limitations. I definitely don’t agree with the notion, thou shall have no God before me. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

I have questioned how earth got here, and yes, I question gravity and whether the earth is round or flat. My common sense and the growing access to real history and certain truths continues to question everything that has been taught to me and repeated over and over since I was a young child.

Distracted From The Present

I have hinted…and I have barely scratched the surface of any of these raw subjects. I say raw because my mind has become overwhelmed.

Right now, and I have mentally avoided going here in this article, half the world is under lockdown. Everybody is waiting to see what is actually going to happen down south in the next week.

Who will lead the United States and how will it affect the rest of the world?

Will lockdowns in different countries continue…and will the world continue to be guided into the Great Reset or will there be opposition from people who consider themselves Patriots?

All of these things…basically meaning politics used to be distractions…but maybe that is why the world is in the mess that it is. We haven’t been paying enough attention to our Leaders and the writing on the wall these last few years in particular.


Shaping The Future

I am looking for the magic answer, the magic words to write and they just are not there. I don’t want any more doom and gloom…I was dedicated to finding the positive and Thinking Good Thoughts since Nicky had passed away. I am doing my best to live here as the world changes before my eyes.

There is no telling of what is coming…it seems nobody can agree on what the truth is.

I myself am doing my best to stay grounded…and it has nothing to do with gravity.

It means getting back to the basics and being the change I still want to see in the world.

Continue to spread awareness and a reminder that love is the answer, life has no rules, live with morals and values.

It feels good to write something again. It feels good to try and be positive about whatever is going to happen next.

Obviously I have a different outlook…fact is I still have a life to live…so I am Thinking Good Thoughts. Love is definitely still the answer, for the whole world. And spread some around, with some truth about things that matter. Hope to see you soon.

Thanks for reading.

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