We all know it is possible as there are survivors of the disease that are proof you can overcome.  The battle is a long fought one.  It will wear on the person and their loved ones in ways that are incomprehendible until you actually experience them.

So what is the good fight?  How do you face each day hoping for the pain to let up.  How do you watch your loved ones quality of life deteriorate in front of you and still be strong and supportive?

You remember that your battle is half of what theirs is actually living with it inside their body waging war.  You remember as I have repeatedly time and time again, somebody has it worse no matter how overwhelming that can be in accepting your own emotions.

You do this because the world is not going to stop spinning. The disease is not going to just stop one day because you or your loved one did not deserve it to happen to you.  You understand quickly that nothing matters to the disease.

How old you are, male or female, good person or bad. Doesn’t matter.  Fair or not. Period.  Dealing with the fact that this particular disease has no known cure yet.  Despite what you may read on social networks or even your daily news.

You beat cancer by doing exactly what my beautiful wife is doing.  You live each day with the pain and whenever the chance arises to live life a little more, you take it!   You look for the moments for smiles and you push all the feeling s of being robbed in life aside.

You take the medicines from the doctors.

Find ways to appreciate your friends and family who try to support you, not really ever knowing what to say.

Otherwise, you go down in defeat.  No matter how mean or cold I am for saying that.  Nicky could choose to give up. Let self pity take over and not fight at all. And when I sound cold, I am selfish in the fact that I am not the one dealing with the pain, emotionally or physically of the disease inside me.

I do know that I love my wife for the fact that she has always been a fighter.  Never afraid to speak her mind and stand up for her own family and friends when it is the right cause.

I feel the need to share this with the world, even to relate to one person.  To show my wife that I love her and will be with her every step of this battle.  That is what I signed up for the day I said I love you and want to be with you together.

We have always taken care of each other, not about money and the real world but as best friends,  soul mates ready to take on the world together one way or the other.

She is the hero, the inspiration because she leads the fight for us every day. I am in awe and will be my whole life of the strength and beauty she has within.

That is how you beat cancer, I think. Thanks for reading.

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