There aren’t very many things I can say these days…where I won’t end up offending somebody. That just seems to be the way it is. I still wonder the the exact moment we gave up our freedoms. The first time we let these unfounded lies literally mold our lives.

A close friend once said to me, why would anybody “Choose” to be gay? When you really think about it, telling the world how you feel, something you can’t change and then being exposed to the hurt and the ridicule, the confusion from those who are afraid and simply don’t understand. They choose hate instead of kindness.

When did we forget that? When did our freedoms vanish at the wave of a magic wand from the hands of a politician or unelected health official…not sure which is worst.

Fact is I treat my freedom, over my person, my body as the Ultimate. It’s why I am on this earth un beknownst to me any other reason.

You can’t have that. You can’t tell me how to breath and you certainly cannot tell me what I should put inside my body…not as long as I have a breath to take of my own, FREE will.

Thinking Good Thoughts.

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