Let’s talk, after all that is why I started Just Love No BS. To talk about all the things, especially in relationships that people don’t want to talk about. So, let’s talk about what the truth is.

My fear of failure is something that I talk about in the first episode of my new podcast, be sure to give that a listen. So the fear of failure is something that I know we can all relate to, and that is why I went for it, get it done, learn and continue to grow and build. Obviously that means more podcasts, and more blogs to keep communicating.

The real question I guess, is what is the truth? 
Who do we believe these days?
What is news?
What is happening in life?

It used to be what I thought was different opinions and perspectives, represented by different political parties.

Growing up, at one time in Canadian there were 4 or 5 political parties. To me, this at least meant that, or appeared to be democracy at work.

Along the way though it seems we have watched our system manipulate us…and it seems one side is against the other.

Right vs Left. In today’s world you are one or the other. From one extreme side to the other and it feels as though, we have lost our ability to find middle ground, to find compromise.

I think this feeling exists because along the way though it seems that all the sides have become  corrupt.

All of these different dots of information have continued to make themselves known for one simple reason. Certain things in life just don’t make sense.

We are seeing in real life what we thought only happened in movies. Turns out, we are being programmed.

The term Conspiracy theory is making the world ask questions now because it turns out some of these theories are true.

That is what a theory is, an explanation or pointed facts leading to the application of theory into practice. This means that anything in life has a theory of it’s happening. 

One theory that cannot be broken about life is the truth.

Since the death of my wife I have had to have faith and find the positive in everything.

I also consider myself to be aware. Woke if you want me to just say it.

I consider myself to be awake, my eyes open to the happenings around the world and why.

What has stopped my until now from sharing is my bizarre fear of failure…or I am afraid of standing up for something, and being wrong.

It cannot be wrong if my instincts and my gut, my heart and soul believe I am following the right path. That this is how the Universe talks to me, and guides me.

So let’s talk about the truth, let’s find it. Let’s learn of our weaknesses and turn them into powerful advantages.

Let’s take our strengths together to forge new bonds for humanity.

Let’s take back our world and be free. 

Thanks for reading.

Thinking Good Thoughts.




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