I have to thank Jim Rohn. As many countless others do I am sure. Some where in that video he mentions life happens just, and Life Happens Just is Part of My Philosophy. His whole seminar is about this and it’s hittin me.

Daily Routine

What you choose to chase each day, is part of your philosophy. If you have one I suppose. I do believe without one your not going to achieve much, in the lines of success or contribution.

A philosophy is the magic guide, the trick you will, if there is any, to living life.

A constant steady reminder of what you believe, and why; and how to act accordingly.

I am also reminded of the 4 agreements, which remind us to always be kind, ask questions, take nothing personally and speak wisely.

These actions, when consistent and genuine in nature, will bend the universe to your liking.

Thanks for reading. Thinking Good Thoughts.

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