Lately I am learning a couple of things. Understanding them, respecting them and moving forward with them, ideas and life.

I have never been the one to plan. I often joke that I am consistent about all my inconsistencies. 

I also believe in the laws of attraction. And discipline. You probably need a little bit of all of it to make things happen.

A little bit of planning, what your next move is in life, hopefully being something that makes you happy and gives you purpose. 

And when I saw happy, I don’t mean all the time. The sense of purpose is needed so that you stay strong through the bad times. Even being happy in life means facing struggles.

Bring in the discipline. Mike Tyson says discipline is doing something you hate while acting like you love it the whole time.

Indeed, hard work and sacrifice require discipline and motivation, but beyond that the mental mantra of finishing what you start.

So planning and hard work means execution and when you do all of these things they become bargaining chips with the Universe.

As mentioned in the video, this just didn’t happen. The human race is evolving and this is what we have learned and how some of us perceive it.

Think it, believe in it and do it. 

Getting it done is better then trying to be perfect. 

I believe I have start to negotiate with the Universe again. 

What kind of deal are you going to make for your future.

Thinking Good Thoughts!

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