Here is just a little bit more about our family.  Taking care of them is really the easy part because they do provide support in their own ways.  My mother was a dog groomer so I have always been around animals and Nicky had her own childhood pets growing up too.

When we got together having pets was our idea of having kids.  Still is really.  We decided early on that we did not want to have children.  Some people including family disagreed.  Didn’t matter to us, we decided for certain reasons that we were happy with our family, us and the furry ones.  In some ways we look at that decision as a blessing.

Nicky is definitely a special kind of mom to her cats.  I have seen our cats, a couple that we got very young, take special bonds with her.  It is like they can feel her compassionate, her love for them. They bond with her and seek her attention in ways I have not seen before. I know all cat owners would say the same. I am glad that Nicky feels their love. Maybe they are trying to return her comforts and let her know she is indeed special.

Nicky does show even our cat’s kindness and considerate.  They even have that Facebook page I have mentioned.  The cats are here because they are part of our family and a huge part of Nicky’s life.  She takes care of them so well. It is no wonder they love her.

You can visit the facebook page Nacho & Chip by clicking here.

This post is just another little mention of our lives.  Some of the more simple things that keep us going.  That keep all of us going.  Posivitive energy, positive thoughts to get through the tough times. Our pets can do that for us.  We love our guys. Nacho, Chip and Mooch.

Thanks to all our furry friends out there for showing us the best example of how to give unconditional love no matter.  That support is precious.

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