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When I stared this website, I knew at one point it would become a memorial, a true dedication to her. She told me when I started it she understood that. Nicky said if it could help us, or anybody out there, I should do it.

Help with what exactly, I still struggle with. I don’t have a single answer to any of the feelings that I have.  There is a void. I want this void to become my driving factor. My motivation and my dedication to my wife.

I am sad that I am here writing this post about her passing but this whole crazy idea was in order for my wife and her spirit to live on.  I may even sound selfish when I tell you I want to raise a lot of money and give it to a family out there. I would never ever want to relate to another man or woman  in this way, of this feeling but if I must I want to be able to help out.

There is not really a lot to say right now. The stuff that is here matters and Nicky’s Hobby Shop is going to be an Awesome little site to help spread awareness about cancer.

For me, I am grieving, and mourning.  I don’t want this void to always feel like a void because I don’t think that is how to continue.  Love is the answer and it will be what fills in the void.

Nicky Bosch passed away on May 27, 2017.  She died holding my hands and she was at peace with leaving this earth. Her last words in the final days or her life were simple.

Just Love. No Bullshit.

Think good thoughts.

I love you more.

RIP Nicky Bosch. 

I, Thank you for reading.

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