Alright, well this is what I want to talk about for some reason. I don’t think I am going to feel better about life until I do. All jokes aside, I am trying be serious and realistic about the subject at hand. It should just makes sense. Here are a few reasons why you shoud watch adult movies with each other.

Why your watching it

Let’s try to keep it short and simple. Your watching an adult movie so you can pleasure yourself. There is nothing wrong with this, it’s natural and you are choosing to stimulate your mind with entertain that excites you.

The dangerous side

While there is nothing wrong with pleasuring yourself, that is natural, how you stimulate your brain can become addicting, and create false realities. Meaning, adult entertainment is much different today then it was a generation ago.

The adult film industry is a topic all in itself and it is not going anywhere, so my point is finding the positive sides and taling about where it fits in a relationship.

The fantasy and selection that is available for people to view quite simply creates a very unrealistic portrayal of what happens in real life.

The mental side of it

Watching adult movies has a clinical side to it as well. Some people claim to be addicted to porn. For this, we just need to understand, further, where the addiction lies.

For myself, the addiction is one of problem solving, believe it or not. It is a warped escape from what I feel is depression but really is linked to the mental properties involved in masturbating or watching adult films.

There is a combination of pleasure, and satisfaction from watching adult movies. The gratification your brain feels from having a problem solved, can be linked to dissolving the stress or depression that tempted you to escape to begin with.

That availability of any taboo subject ones mind goes to, is enabled by todays adult film industry.

Watch it together

If you are in a relationship, if it is fulfulling, I don’t think you will really worry about having other ways of stimulating each other. Toys, food, roleplaying, what ever it is that makes you feel safe and happy and satisfied with your partner, have fun and go for it.

Watching entertainment for stimulous when you want alone time is normal and there are people out there that have healthy relationships and this is not an issure.

There are also people in relationships making this a priority before the needs and wants of their partner and their relationships.

When my wife was alive, she was unconditional in her love and her understanding. She wasn’t afraid to know who I was or what made me tick and watching adult entertainment was something she really did want to do. She wanted to know what made me happy.

Let’s Talk About it

The reason I am here. I am tired of fighting it, letting it control me. And, I know I am not the only one.

In fact, I am here to be positive however this might be getting worse instead of getting better. Since I have returned to the dating world, I have heard a lot of what reminds me of how things were in the beginning with my wife and I.

My addictions to adult movies and the internet cause great hardships. When I was together with Nicky at times. And I am here today because some of the addiction and escape from depression is still effecting me.

Most recently a very attractive woman I know shed tears of dissappointment after sharing her feeling of rejection.

Her own boyfriend opted to watch some adult entertainment rather then choose to satisfy each other for real. The very disturbing thing to me is the boyfriend choose this openly and stated it to my friend.

This is where Nicky had always drawn the line and recognizing it now is hurtful.

There is something wrong if the need for stimulus is taking you away from the relationship you have with your partner. The fact the boyfriend saw nothing wrong with this is why we need to be talking about it.

Everybody needs personal time and again, for some it’s not an issue, for others, it’s personal, and it effects the one you love.

This article was written to battle my own personal demons and expose them. I know that I am not the only one out there suffering and the whole topic is not easy to talk about, but let’s do that anyways. We will all feel better.

Thanks for Reading. Love is the Answer.

Thinking Good Thoughts.

If this article relates to you in anyway, and you want help, please reach out. You are not alone.

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