In the last few weeks my focus has no doubt been on my heart and my mind and how they work together. How we tick and what makes people act and do the things they do. My focus obviously has been on myself, realizing I was concentrating to much on what other people were doing. The big question is, and I believe a lot of people ask themselves this, where do I go from here?!

Being Present

The last few blogs were very personal. I don’t think you can actually get any more personal but that is why I am here and why this site exists. My instincts, my inner voice of purpose won’t let it go. Here I am writing about life again. Like I mentioned before in the last article, I didn’t mean to be single, so I guess this has become my excuse to share with… anybody that will read it.

My wife lived in the present. I never understood it and I can see that the next generations have many different notions of it. If I am keeping up with any of it, they call this being WOKE.

Aware of your sorroundings and in control of your thoughts and actions on a conscious level. Easier said then done but powerful just the same when we are able.

Living in the present means a genuine focus on what is going on around you and the ability to stay in control despite challenging situations. That is the closest definition I can give it anyways. Mix in the fact that you shouldn’t look back at your past and pick up the beat me stick, and blend in a little bit of don’t think too far ahead if it makes you worry, and I think you’re present, you’re WOKE.

We All Struggle With Something

The adage that there is always somebody worse is proven true in my mind everyday. News of a friend recovering from addiction is what is inspiring me and this article today.

I was lost in depression and finding my purpose when I saw a post from him asking what had he done with his life.

My issues are a mix different things but I wouldn’t say an addiction is a negative factor in my life. Addictions are everywhere and society is still trying to address all of the different happenings.

This friend is challenged with Meth if I understand everything correctly and I no one had heard from him in quite sometime, nor did I really expect to if I am completely honest.

When I saw his post I was just glad to see he was alive. My first thoughts, despite my own self pity and despair, were, again brutal honesty…

I was glad his problems weren’t my problems. That is not to say I don’t have compassion, it just serves true, there is always somebody battling something worse. A meth addiction is a serious problem.  I imagined the hardships his family must be enduring because I know how much his friends are thinking about him. I wondered what his state of health is like. I wanted to reach out and tell him that we all question why we failed…when we have failed…

I am not saying any of this to make light of his situation nor to highlight it. Seeing my friend means he is on the right path to recovery. We all question ourselves…and it’s the best possible thing. Strength comes in the courage of conviction of identifying the problems, and correcting them.

Self Forgiveness

Easier said then done. Even I say that a lot and I don’t want to. Speaking it makes your brain agree with it. At the end of the day to be honest, I am starting to believe my own self forgiveness has kicked in just because I can’t handle beating myself up over life and things I can’t change anyways. My heart still beats and I would rather just get all of these thoughts and emotions out and see where it goes.

The beat me stick just doesn’t help. Being in the presence means, to me, you understand that your past is part of what made you, part of your story and what brought you to where you are right now. If that is in a bad way, take the steps to change and learn from your past.

Being Woke

I definetly don’t have all the answers but I will tell you that I agree with a lot of the information that is out there regarding self improvement, spirituality and if you will, success.

I don’t believe in very many of the things that I was taught in school and I don’t believe that having a relationship is the same as it was when I first met my wife.

That’s what brings me here. In losing here I have had to face everything and how the world works. It has become both a challenge to me, and a purpose. I choose to live in the present and focus on living as much as I can


There is no conclusion. We, or I, was lost in trying to figure out some stuff that I won’t ever figure it out. When I say we, it is because we all suffer from this. the distractions in life.

No easy way to say but without a little bit of focus and discipline, along with some enlightenment, I don’t think you ever get to experience everything living life has to offer.

This means that there isn’t ever a destination, there are definitely goals and accomplishments but is it ever possible to set an accolade that can ever be out done. Our legacies in life is what we aim to leave behind.

I hope my legacy is one of kindness, where I preach and demonstrate that love is always the answer. That life has no rules and all you can do is life with morals and values, and always be kind.

Whenever I become distracted, I am reminded of this montra and all the successes it brings me in life.

Most importantly my own state of mind, my own peace. My own happiness.

That is where I am going from here. And I like the path. Join me?

Thanks for Reading. Love is the answer. Thinking Good Thoughts!

Can you relate? That’s why I am here. Comment and we can talk.

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